Weekly Salzburg Language Exchange

Let’s be polyglots!

Every Saturday from 17:00 to 19:00

Concept is the following:
We will start with some games to get to know each other. Afterwards you can find partners with whom you can practice your target language. Maybe you don’t have one? That’s even better! Don’t worry if there are no native speakers of the language, you are interested in. You can always start to learn a new one. ;)

Most of the time there are some events in MARK on Saturdays so you can also stay after LangEx, if you want. The Event is for FREE but if you want to stay for the concert, we will definitely give you a discount!

You can look up the upcoming dates on the official facebook page.

We are looking forward to an amazing intercultural and interlingual exchange!

Language, Exchange, Salzburg, meeting, Mark Salzburg
Language, Exchange, Salzburg, meeting, Mark Salzburg