Groove Check

Freitag, 11. Jänner 2013 | 21:00 Uhr | Eintritt € 9,-

.:: Live ::.
+ Lesale (Luv Shack Records / Wien)
+ Jakobin & Domino (Luv Shack Records / Wien)
+ Prestige Worldwide (Soda Club / Salzburg)

LeSale is the musical project of Austrian based French DJ & Producer Samuel Fedy whose greatest regret is being born after the death of disco and so has vowed never to rest until the genre is fully resurected!
Unlike many other producers, LeSaledoesn’t claim to have an obnoxious uncle with an insane record collection or a far away cousin who was a cult DJ in the disco-era – all his love and interest for collecting, playing and producing music was self-generated in his late teens, where he went from listening to over the top gangsta rap to vocal house, edging slightly on the latin & broken beat movement, whence he returned to house and finally touched base with disco music, quickly realising that all the music he loved evolved somehow from this truly inspiring genre.

The Jakobin & Domino project is the brainchild of Austrian duo Georg Nadler and Dominik Huber. Their friendship was formed at school over fifteen years ago thanks to a shared passion for skateboarding, then cemented by a mutual taste for eclectic music. Early influences included hip hop followed by an evolving love of electronic music.
Uptempo music got them into DJing together at first and then into producing, where their main focus is on house music (covering its full rich palette). With quality releases on labels like Easymoods Recordings, Luv Shack Records and Large Music they’re continuing to spread their musical talent worldwide.