With Our Hearts in Hands V » 14.03.2014 » 20:00 » 7€

With Our Hearts in Hands V


Nach einer gemeinsamen Tour können/wollen wir uns einfach nicht trennen ohne zumindest einmal gemeinsam in Salzburg gespielt zu haben! Also kommt vorbei und lasst uns ordentlich Party machen!

Five Minute Fall (AUT)

Melodic Hardcore/Punk

FIVE MINUTE FALL will never be your new favourite hypeband. They are way too old, they don‘t look cool on stage and are not as pretty as your lovely new metalcore band from the US. Instead of focusing on trends, they try to write honest music. Resulting in a fine mixture of some catchy melodies, some kind of screamo desperation and some heavy metal aggression. This all works out pretty fine for Metal and Hardcore kids, as well as for those who we consider to be „the normal ones“


Melodic Hardcore

HOPES is a brand new Melodic Hardcore band from the North of Czech Republic. It was formed in the beggining of 2013. At 16th June the came up with their debut EP called „Dying youth“

In a couple of months the band played in Czech and Moravian cities and played even in Germany. You could see the band play with bands like Together, Lasting Traces, Darko, The Southern Oracle, Shell Beach and others.

Now the band is preparing to release a new single called „I DON’T GIVE A FUCK“ which will be on their upcoming EP. The EP will be realeased right before they start their tour with an Austrian band named FIVE MINUTE FALL.

Last Solution (GER)