Darko & 7 Dials Mystery » 21.07.2016 » 20:00

13716235_1718650208388182_6210051331245538230_n– DARKO –

Melodic Hardcore Punk // Guildford

Melodic and heavy, fast and intricate, Guildford’s new favorite punk band Darko are set to leave a massive technical boot print on the UK music scene with the release of their upcoming EP From Trust To Conformity.

Following on from the release of their debut self-titled release in 2010 Darko take elements of the modern hardcore and mash it up with the skate punk sound, reminiscent of 90’s era Epi-Fat bands.

Darko have been treating audiences to one of the most incendiary live shows since 2010. Having played with countless bands from around the country Darko have garnered a reputation as one of the best live acts this county’s punk scene has to offer.
From Trust To Conformity is five tracks of high-octane riff filled hardcore punk rock. The record was produced and engineered by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Trails, Homeless Music) ensuring a huge sound.




Punkrock // Salzburg

Broken Bones, Hearts & Souls heißt das aktuelle Werk. Die EP enthält 5 Songs, die sich mit aktuellen Themen der Politik und Minderwertschätzung von Freundschaften beschäftigt. Von melancholischen Balladen bis hin zu moshpittreibenden Hymnen erreicht die 4er-Combo eine abwechslungsreiche Stimmung.