Br0kEn BeAtS CLub » 09.02.2019 » 21 Uhr

Welcome to our Br0kEn BeAtS CLub!

…a new event for those who love broken beats in between 85 – 200 bpm…

we start our musically journey rootical with Dub / HipHop over Breakbeats (Old & NuSkool) up to DnB / Crossbreed combined with Jungle and Tekno at the end :)
+ lights & visuals

on the decks:
BandBreit23 (SaltyTribeRec)
KaBoom (Blacklight District)
RasDubBear (SaltyTribeRec / O2C3LOT)
Saddler (O2C3LOT)

Entry = pay as you like (as always)


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