Do you like to perform, create, organize or be among artists? Join Us!

In the Perform Yourself-Project, you can perform your ideas, create your Stage Performance, tread the boards, learn about different professions in the field of arts and create in a group or individually!

Our project OFFLINE: 17.–21. May 2022 (new date!!)
Our project ONLINE:

Please sign up for participation via E-Mail: (Name and contact information)

In unserer Workshopwoche von 17. bis 21. Mai 2022 zeigt ihr eure Ideen, arbeitet an einer Stage Performance, schnuppert Theaterluft und lernt verschiedene Berufsfelder und Aktivtiäten aus dem Bereich Kunst und Kultur kennen.
Die Workshops werden online begleitet und ihr könnt selbst bei der Vorbereitung mitwirken! Dazu entwickeln wir gerade eine einfache Plattform: 
Lernfaktor inklusive: Das Projekt basiert auf der strategischen Partnerschaft der vier Organisationen Fattore K (IT), ANEVE (PT), Lidi Smart Solutions (NL) und MARK (AT). Die Workshops werden daher auf englisch abgehalten, jedoch auf deutsch begleitet. 
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Our Workshops:

Videoworkshop (16.05.2022) Do you like video recording, cutting and editing? Join our Video Team. After a workshop held by Community TV FS1, you will record the show with professional equipment.Show Yourself (17.05.2022) Start: 18:00 h Have you ever thought about all the necessary steps and people involved in an entertaining stage performance? In this workshop, the participants will join a learning/teaching/training session that explores the front stage and the backstage of Performances from scratch. The participants create the full performance, from the plot to the set up to the light, sound and video!
Act Yourself (18.05.2022) Start: 15:00 h Theatre and sport. Physical action and theatrical action. Young and adult together. Shakespeare and his most popular tragedy: Romeo and Juliet. These are the main elements of this workshop that aims at describing in a playful and artistic way the fight between two families of the Shakespearean tragedy: Montague and Capulet.Express Yourself (19.05.2022) Start: 15:00 h Learn about job opportunities and obstacles while creating your piece of Art! In our Zine-Workshop, you create a magazine with pen, paper, glue and scissors, while experts share their knowledge. Join us and find out about your future in the field of arts and creativity!
Publish Yourself (20.05.2022) Start: 15:00 h Learn how to use the graphic web tools to express your art ideas! Be part of a project and team based interactive training! Enjoy working in small groups of enthusiastic mates in a dynamic and informal environment while creating your own digital art work.

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Alexandra Bründl
+43 650 9579574
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is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
AGREEMENT NUMBER 2020-1-AT02-KA227-YOU-002952

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